Our Members

Our Members

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Année Diaconale – Service Protestant de la Jeunesse (SPJ)

Mail: info(at)spj.be
Phone: +32 2 510 61 61
Webpage: www.spj.be

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The SPJ is the youth organisation for the United Protestant Church in Belgium. We organize training programmes for youth leadership as well as one-off training sessions: guitar, first-aid, movie-making, etc. and camps and weekends with different themes. Within the diaconal year programme, we host around 18 volunteers every year and send up to five.

Czech Republic

Slezská Diakonie


Mail: j.adameova(at)slezskadiakonie.cz
Phone: 00420 5 58 76 43 42
Webpage: www.intervia.cz

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Slezská diakonie (SD) is a non-profit organisation based on the Christian values providing services in fields of social work, health and education in the area of Moravian-Silesian and South Moravian regions. SD’s services are mainly focused on people with disabilities, the el-derly, the homeless, children and young people, members of minority groups and others who have become caught in various difficult situations of life. Since 2004, SD has gained a status of coordinating, sending, and hosting organisation within the framework of European Voluntary Service. Its programme is called International Voluntary Year (INVY).



Mail: 3K(at)ucdiakonissen.dk
Phone: +45 38 38 41 00
Webpage: www.diakoniaaret.dk

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The Deaconess Foundation is one of Denmark’s welfare actors providing care, nursing and rehabilitation in the form of home care, nursing homes, group homes for the mentally vulnerable, a hospice and senior homes constructions in 2016 in synergy with children’s institutions, religious and cultural activities. Humanity spread also through The Deaconess Foundations extensive volunteerism and social work. The Deaconess Foundation, of which UC Diakonissestiftelsen is a part of, educate future health professionals who both develop academic skills and interpersonal values. UC Diakonissetiftelsen is an educational center with students studying ’Social and Health Care Education’, ’Bachelor of Christianity, Culture and Community’.
This organisation is accredited to run projects under European Voluntary Service, part of the European Union’s Erasmus´programme.
As a member of the Ecumenical Diaconal Year Network, the Volunteer Programme UC Diakonissestiftelsen is each year hosting volunteers, sent by the EDYN partners.


Evangelische Freiwilligendienste gGmbH

Mail: djia(at)ev-freiwilligendienste.de
Phone: +49 511 4 50 00 83 40

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Evangelische Freiwilligendienste gGmbH is a non-profit organisation of Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Evangelischen Jugend in Deutschland e. V. (aej) and Diakonie Deutschland –Evangelischer Bundesverband. Its main purpose is promoting voluntary services in Germany and abroad in society and politics as well as to support its associated organisations (Trägerorganisationen) in their operational work.
The associated protestant organisations are active on regional, national and/or international level. They offer voluntary services in the national programmes Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (FSJ, Voluntary Social Year) and Bundesfreiwilligendienst (BFD, Federal Voluntary Service) within affiliated diaconal and social placements in Germany. Some of them host young people from abroad and/or send volunteers in foreign countries all over the world.
Evangelische Freiwilligendienste offer services by assisting in the implementation of the national and/or international volunteer programmes, quality development as well as in administration. They provide Diakonisches Jahr im Ausland (Diaconal Year Abroad, DJiA), a joint international volunteer programme of the associated organisations, and support a hosting programme.


Volontariat International au Service des Autres - L’Année Diaconale (VISA-AD)

Mail: info(at)visa-ad.org
Phone: +33 388354676
Webpage: www.visa-ad.org

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Volontariat International au Service des Autres – l’Année Diaconale (VISA-AD), is a non-profit organisation, and member of the Federation Protestante de France. VISA-AD is a sending, hosting and coordinating organisation for young people from France and abroad willing to volunteer in a social, cultural, environmental, health or educational field. These young people may be from diverse backgrounds educationally, culturally, socially, ethnically, or religiously. VISA-AD also provides information, training and helps young people who would like to volunteer, to broaden their horizons and to develop themselves, through intercultural learnings and by making themselves helpful for others. Our organisation first began in 1959 and is both recognised by the European Commission and by the French government. Currently we are sending every year around 70 French volunteer abroad and hosting around 300 volunteers from France, Europe and the world.

Great Britain

Time for God (TFG)

Mail: office(at)timeforgod.org
Phone: +44 1423 536248
Webpage: www.timeforgod.org

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Time For God (TfG) is an independent, ecumenical charity, overseen by a board of trustees that runs a gap-year programme for young adults and career break people who want to serve in a Christian organisation. We connect approximately 100 volunteers from around the world with opportunities to love and serve in local communities for 10 -12 months. We gather people who want to make a difference and we equip each party to serve together through training events and providing resources. We are mainly self-funded with only about 20% of our volunteers coming via EVS. Placements and volunteers that are non-EVS contribute financially for our service.


MRSZ Alapítvány – Önkéntes Diakóniai Év (ÖDE)

Mail: ode(at)reformatus.hu
Phone: +36(1)4600706
Webpage: www.odeprogramiroda.hu

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Önkéntes Diakóniai Év Programiroda (ÖDE) provides opportunities for you to do voluntary service in both social and educational organisations and churches in Hungary and abroad. It is supported by the Reformed Church in Hungary and also the European Voluntary Service Programme.
Volunteering with ÖDE gives you a unique chance to help others, to grow personally and spiritually, and to gain unforgettable experiences. You will have an opportunity to develop new skills and put them into practice. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to learn a new language and experience different cultures.
ÖDE Programme office is member of the EDYN Network and accredited organisation for the European Voluntary Service Programme (EVS).
In our work we follow God’s call to accompany, encourage and challenge each other in our faith journeys. We provide opportunities for young adult volunteers with a call in their heart to serve God and people in need. Through a cross-cultural journey they can learn about themselves, about the world in which they live and also about God, who transforms lives.


Diaconia Valdese – Commissione Sinodale per la Diaconia

Mail: volontariato(at)diaconiavaldese.org
Phone: +39 0121 953122
Webpage: www.diaconiavaldese.org

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CSD (Commissione Sinodale per la Diaconia) - Diaconia Valdese is a non-profit organisation founded in 1993. It is responsible for linking the activities of the bodies and institutions (social assistance and reception facilities) that form part of the Waldensian Organisation.
The Diaconia Valdese is committed to providing services to people for testifying the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is directed to both women and men without discrimination of gender, affiliation, or culture. A non-denominational, non-profit organisation that manages its services based on the principles of transparency, quality and effectiveness.


Diakonia Kościoła Ewangelicko-Augsburskiego w RP

Mail: wolontariat(at)diakonia.org.pl
Phone: +48 22 8 870 216
Webpage: www.diakonia.org.pl

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Diakonia of the Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Poland is a legal charity organization interested in different forms of helping people in need. Diakonia of the Church is an “umbrella” organisation, and serves other diakonian institutions on the level of diocesy or parish. The institutions within the frame of the Diakonia Kościoła Ewangelicko - Augsburskiego w RP are: care houses, diakonian stations, lending centres for rehabilitation equipment, socio-therapeutic clubs, family childeren’s homes, kindergardens, schools.
Diakonia Kościoła Ewangelicko - Augsburskiego w RP is a member of EDYN since 1999 and Eurodiakonia since 2003. Since July 2006 Diakonia Kościoła Ewangelicko - Augsburskiego w RP has the state status of “Public Benefit Activity”.


Ekumenická rada cirkví v SR – Dobrovol’nicky program

Mail: hovorkova(at)ekumena.sk
Phone: +421 254433238
Webpage: http://www.ekumena.sk/Dobro/EN/main.htm

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ECCSR is a community of churches that believe in Jesus Christ to be the Saviour and the Head of the Church. ECCSR has 11 members 7 – full 4 observers. ECCSR has two missions – internal and external. The internal mission of the ECCSR is to overcome the differences and strengthen the unity among churches, to improve the quality of co-operation among churches as well as within particular churches. The external mission of the ECCSR is to intensify the activities of churches in the civil society, while pursuing the goals of confirming the moral profile of the society, supporting democracy in the country and helping the citizens in critical life situations.
International Volunteers Service DOBRO – coordinating, hosting and sending volunteers; Centre for new religiosity; Working committees: social, women, youth

South Korea

International Student Exchange & Education (ISEE) – International Youth Volunteer

Phone: +82 2 2267 6286
Webpage: www.iseekorea.org

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ISEE was established in 1999 to support young people in Korea for understanding people from different backgrounds and helping neighbors through volunteering. ISEE sends Korean volunteers to the UK via Time for God and receives volunteers from the UK and other countries.
ISEE had a vision of offering the same opportunity in Korea for the youth from other countries to return the same values what Korean volunteers acquired through volunteering.
The mission and vision of ISEE is to “Support the youth through meaningful volunteering”. To grow faith, confirm their calling from God, meet and become a friend at the other part of the world.


Kárpátaljai Református Önkéntes Diakóniai Év (KRÖDE)
Mail: kodoboczcsilla@gmail.com
Webpage: http://refua.tirek.hu/lap/krode/hir/lista/hirek/

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KRÖDÉ provides opportunities for young adults to practice the work of Christ among the people in need, to do something useful for others and to learn more about themselves, the world they live in and about God who is able to change lives.

Living Hope NGO
Mail: borisuk(at)web.de
Phone: +38 0487874798
Webpage: www.hope4kids.com.ua

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Living Hope in Odessa, Ukraine, is a non-profit organization working in the field of social inclusion of disadvantaged children, young people and families established in 1999. Our main activity is the running of day care centers for kids and youngsters in deprived neighborhoods in rural and urban context.
Volunteering is a basic value of all activities implemented.
Since 2003 Living Hope hosts every year long term volunteers from different European countries and students for internships.
Since 2009 sending volunteers has become more and more important for Living Hope, focusing mainly on young people with fewer opportunities.
Living Hope is also involved in organizing and running international youth exchanges, work camps, seminars and workshops.


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM),
Mail: globalserve(at)elca.org
Phone: +1 800 638 3522 Ext 2446
Webpage: www.elca.org

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YAGM is a program for young adults ages 21-29 who are connected to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to live and serve for one year in one of 11 country programs throughout the world. Our goal is to help these young people become globally formed, globally informed, faithful members of the ELCA, their communities and the world. The volunteers serve under the mission model of accompaniment with a goal toward building relationships and working toward reconciliation in the world.

Volunteer Ministries – United Church of Christ (UCC)
Phone: +1 216 736 2100
Webpage: www.ucc.org/volunteer

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UCC Volunteer Ministries is part of the national setting of the United Church of Christ in the USA. We focus on providing capacity for UCC-related ministries throughout the USA and in leadership development for young adults. Volunteers serve in short term (< 6 month) and long-term (6-12 month) assignments as an individual or in intentional communities of young adults for 3 or 11 month terms.